5 Steps To Starting A Steel Building Project

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5 Steps To Starting A Steel Building Project


So the time has come, you have decided to build a steel building. If you are eager to embark on this journey, you have come to the right place to gain insightful information, which will help you along the way. One major question when starting a steel building project is, Where Do You Start? This article was created to assist you with answering this question along with many others. You may not be a construction expert or a project management expert, but at least you will be prepared after reading this post. This article provides 5 initial steps that will assist you in the running of a successful project, coming in on budget, and eliminating unnecessary stress.

Step 1: Get Financially Situated

In most cases, steel building companies do not offer financing. With that said, if you cannot obtain a personal loan large enough or cannot afford to self finance your project then you are out of luck. One of the best ways to find out how much your project will cost is to contact a turnkey metal building company. These companies can give you a price for the whole construction package instead of you having to contact multiple companies for each individual part. Generally speaking, the cost for the concrete slab, pre-eningeered metal building, and building erection will run between $27 to $30 per square foot. So a 5,000 s.f. building will run between $135,000 - $150,000. When pricing out your steel building, try to avoid companies who only sell steel buildings, you will over pay for the building. It is more economical to work with companies who supply the building and perform the concrete and erection.

Step 2: Contact Your Local Building Department

Understanding your local building regulations is essential before you begin your steel building project. You need to know if permits are required and what the process is to obtain permits if required. In some cases, it is just filling out a form and paying a small fee, in others there can be some serious requirements. A few important questions to ask your local governing authority are:

  Can you build a steel building on your property? If so, how big can it be?

  Does your property have setbacks? Meaning, how far from the property line do you have to build.

  Are you allowed to use steel panels as siding or is a specific faced required?

  What are the area wind load requirements?

  What are the area snow load requirements?

  Are there specific energy codes to be aware of?

Step 3: Contact HOA

After you contact your local governing authority, you should contact your HOA, only if your community is governed by one. Your HOA may have their own specific regulations when it comes to steel buildings in their community. You should ask the following question:

  Can you put a steel building on your property?

  Are there HOA restriction on the building's size?

  Are there door requirements on the building? Meaning can you use overhead doors or do you have to use garage doors?

  Are there exterior faced regulations?

  Are the color regulations regarding the roof and walls?

Step 4: Obtain Quotes

When it comes to your steel building project, it is recommended that you search google for turnkey steel buildings companies. These will be the companies that will handle every step of your project. These companies are recommended because you only have to pay one upcharge instead of one for every construction service. If you cannot find a turnkey steel building company in your area, then you can project manage yourself. You can start by finding a reputable steel building company. As a matter of fact, find at least (3) so you can compare pricing. These companies only sell steel buildings so they have to have a markup large enough to make a profit. Try to find one that will accept the smallest markup. The second step would be to search for concrete companies. The third step is to search for a reputable building erector. It is always a good idea that your building erector is also the company that performed you concrete slab installation. This is important because of the anchor bolt locations and installation.

Once you have found some companies you like, it is also very important that you do a search with the company name followed by terms such as "rip off", "lawsuit", "attorney general", etc. Most companies will not have all five star ratings; however, any company that is known to rip people off or be involved in a lawsuit is one you should avoid.

Step 5: Compare Quotes

Rather using a turnkey steel building company or purchasing a metal building yourself, you should compare the building quotes. This process is very crucial in making sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for. When comparing building quotes for your steel building project, there are a few very importance aspects to consider:

  Are the building codes the same?

  Is the building width, length, height the same on all quotes?

  Are the bay spacings the same for all quotes?

  Does each quote provide the same trim package, insulation, overhead doors size and series, etc? Some companies only provide framed openings instead of rollup doors.

  Does each proposal included a drawing of the building with accessories installed?

  Do all proposals have the same base listing?

  Do all proposals included base closure strips and bracing?


Alway, alway, always remember, if you don't see it on the proposal, it's not included in the quote price. Never assume when it comes to steel buildings. A good company will include everything up front and eliminate the need for change orders down the road. If you can, always get a detailed building description and 3d render of the building you will be ordering. Pictures will show you exactly what the building will look like, including trim, overhead doors, entry door locations, and more.

At Questar Construction, we are 100% transparent with our steel building packages. We want you to be confident in your purchase with us. After all, we don't just sell you the building and walk away, we are with you throughout the completion of your project. If you are interested in a steel building package, contact us at (936) 321-5747.


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