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Houston Crane Buildings

Houston Crane Buildings
Houston Crane Buildings
Houston Crane Buildings

Houston Crane Buildings

At Questar Construction, we specialize in industrial crane buildings. Crane buildings are engineered steel buildings designed directly for the crane system. Crane buildings consist of structured columns, runway beams, crane rails, along with the crane system itself. Give us a call when you are ready for one of our turnkey steel buildings.

Overhead Cranes

Crane Types:

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Overhead Cranes (Types)


Top Running Bridge Cranes

Single Girder

Top running bridge cranes with a single girder tend to operate from a 1-15 ton capacity. The single girder bridge crane trucks operate on a fixed track with the tracks attached to the top flange of the runway beams. The crane's hoist are located under bridge on the lower flange.


Double Girder

Top running bridge cranes with a double girder tend to operate from a 15-160 ton capacity. The double girder operates on the same system as the single girder; however, they are engineered with a stronger structural design to account for additional tonnage capacity. The double girder is essential in spreading out the load of the bridge crane.

Houston Crane Buildings

Monorail Cranes

Monorail Cranes are ideal for hoisting and transporting an object along a fixed path. Monorail cranes have single beams and the trolly rides on the lower flange of the track.

Monorail Options

  • Floor Support
  • Ceiling Support

Houston Crane Buildings

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are versatile cranes capable of maneuvering 360 degrees around their support structure. Jib Cranes offer (3) directions of movement which consist of rotational around the axis, movement along the jib (traversing), and vertical (up and down).

Houston Crane Buildings

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