How to Erect a Metal Building

How to erect a metal building

How to Erect a Metal Building


How to erect a metal building:

You'll find that there is a multi-step process in the erection of a steel building. Although the procedure is seemingly confusing and tedious from time to time, completing every steps is vital to correctly assembling a metal building. Before purchasing a steel building you should be aware of the erection process.

How to build a metal building

Step 1: Foundation

The building foundation is one of the most essential elements when erecting your metal building. The anchor bolt locations are essential to install correctly before concrete is poured. Level concrete is key when finishing due to the importance of locating the previously installed anchor bolts.

Step Two: The Frame

The I-Beam columns and rafters begin the first part of the framing process. As these structures are “pre-engineered,” all of the pieces will be pre-cut, punched, and welded for you; this makes assembly user friendly. These beams will be the heaviest & most important pieces in the erection of your Houston Steel Building.

Step three: Girts, Purlins, and Framed Openings

As soon as you have the framing assembled, then you're able to start adding the girts, purlins, and framed openings that provide more stability for the walls and roof.

Step 4: Roof and Walls

At this point, the majority of framing is complete. Now you can begin to focus on the insulation, walls, and roof sheeting. Simply screw the sheeting to the frame utilizing the fasteners provided. After the walls are complete, you can concentrate on the roof panels, don't forget to add the current weather stripping.

Step 5: Aesthetics

The final section for erecting your metal building is added all the special features. This includes special trim and accessories to enhance the aesthetic value as well as the usability of the metal building. The trim will not only give your building a finished look, but it will also prevent leaks and critters from infiltrating your new building. Last but not least, you will install hinged doorways, windows, louvers, exhaust fans, and vents so that your building is 100% completed.

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